Together towards a more sustainable world.

With the brands Xtorm, Gecko Covers, LINQ and Njord we strive for a sustainable world with realistic & concrete goals.

How do we do this?

5x longer lifespan

On average, our products last longer than comparable products. This means that together we are saving a huge amount of pressure on the environment.

Fewer raw materials

Because a Telco-acc. product lasts longer, no raw materials need to be wasted on replacement products.

Less C02

This also saves CO2 emissions from production and transport. 

More satisfied users

This also results in more satisfied customers who are more aware of quality products compared to the replacement society.


Longer life

Stop the replacement-market. Go for quality


No plastic in packaging

We use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. 


Battery Recycling

Telco-acc cooperates with Stibat on the recycling of used (internal) batteries. 

As little plastic as possible in our packaging

Our packaging is made of renewable paper whenever possible. 

We use almost no plastic in our packaging, only the hanging hook and sometimes a window. Where possible, we use bio-plastic for these applications.

No plastic in packaging by the end of 2023

We strive to plastic-free packaging. Our goal is to use no non-renewable plastic in the packaging of our products by the end of 2023.

Battery recycling

Telco Accessories has partnered with Stibat to promote battery collection. Together with Stibalt we will have collected 3.962.501kg in 2020.

3.962.501kg collected! 

Batteries are collected at collection points in different places, such as supermarkets, community centres and DIY stores.

Why collect batteries?

Recycling of batteries is very important, so that the raw materials can be reused or processed in the correct way. If this is not done correctly, it can be seriously detrimental to the environment 

More durable battery

We take as many measures as possible to extend the life of a battery, in order to prevent an (internal) battery from being thrown away unnecessarily. For example, our electronics that charge/discharge the batteries are tuned very precisely to prevent damage from overcharging/voltage. We only use A-class batteries. And we innovate with new, more sustainable battery technologies, such as the recent development of LifePo4; a battery that lasts up to 4x longer than regular batteries. 

For a better world.


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