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Telco accessories is improving mobile experiences for over 12 years now. Thanks to our products your organisation will get the most our of mobile devices.

Top class guarantee:
We produce products for the travel industry, one of the toughest environments for a mobile accessory. We know what durable quality is.  


Give your organisation the power of Xtorm #MoreEnergy.


Make sure your employees never run out of power.
Give them a worry-free work day without battery stress. Our powerbanks can even power-up a laptop or generate AC power on the go. 

Charging cables

Unbreakable cables, with our Xtorm brand we develop cables that can handle any type of heavy use. 


Our wide assortment of USB chargers makes sure there is always a charging solution on hand. Small size USB fast chargers or multi USB desk chargers, contact us for more details.


Carry your mobile devices carefree. 

Tablet covers

Get more out of your tablet:
With Gecko Covers, we make sleeves that in addition to everyday protection, also add extra convenience such as a stand function, handle and more. 

Laptop sleeves

Provides protection during transport, can be ideally personalised for your entire organisation.

Gecko Glass

There is nothing more annoying than a broken screen, a broken screen is bad for productivity and the image of your organisation; with Gecko Glass the screen is protected against the daily trails. 


All the right connections for the optimal connection. More and more laptops come with a few USB-C connections. With our hubs, there are numerous connection possibilities. 
Also ideal for adding extra types of ports to a (pro) tablet. Think of connections such as HDMI, network, USB, SD card reader etc. 

UBC-hub with (short) cable

Ideal for adding extra ports to, for example, an Apple MacBook. Available in different types with HDMI (4K@60Hz), network (1000Gbs/s) etc

USB-C hubs directly on the device

Especially for the Apple MacBook Pro Series: Convenient hubs that sit directly on the laptop. For USB-C pro tablets, we also have a series of hubs that clip directly under a tablet. 

Other peripherals 

We want to get the most out of mobile devices, so we are constantly expanding our range of peripherals to get the most out of them. Think of a top webcam, mousepad with charging spot for a phone etc. 

Power Banks



Tablet Covers


eReader covers

Phone covers

USB-C Hubs

Solar Chargers


Our top class product guarantee

Our products are made to last. We design custom products & products for our own retail brands.
Therefore we make products with a high standard, durable in use and checked with a certified 6 layer safety check.

Flex-working between home and office.

The New Way of Working.
Flex-working was already upcoming, but now it's here to stay. Read how the Telco-products can help building an awesome home-office, product to connect easily to your work-office, or product to work on the go.

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