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Xtorm USB-C Chargers

Why choose Xtorm chargers?

Revolutionary small size:
up to 70% smaller

Thanks to SuperSilicon and GaN chipsets. technologies, the charger can safely and efficiently process more power in a smaller size. This makes our 100W adapter 70% smaller than Apple's 96W charger! 

Faster & Safer
by GearX

Always the fastest charging gear, taking into account safety and battery wear. GearX is programmed to find the optimal and fastest charging setting, while also monitoring safety, overcharging and temperature

An Xtorm USB-C charger is an indispensable accessory, an Xtorm charger is compact, safe, fast and above all very convenient. Especially during the new way of working, the hybrid work between home and office.

Our advice for the new way of working is one or two extra power adapters for your laptop, tablet and / or phone. One charger built into the office + one charger in the bag for easy use anywhere. 


Powerful 100W USB-C charger, suitable for any USB-C laptop, such as Macbooks, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, HP Spectre, LG Gram, Acer Swift, Asus TUF Dash 

Powerful: 100W USB-C PD

The 100W USB-C PD output of this charger is more than enough power to charge any suitable laptop. What's more, despite its small size, the charger still has 4 powerful outputs. 

Safe and fast thanks to GearX

Always the fastest charging speed, taking safety and battery wear into account. 

Charging multiple devices: 4

4-in-1: Easily charge any USB-C PD laptop, and simultaneously charge 3 more devices.


This compact and powerful charger is designed to charge your phone at lightning speed every day. You'll be charged for the next meeting in no time.

Ultra-fast charging thanks to GearX: 20W

Always the fastest charging speed, taking safety and battery wear into account. 
This adapter has 3 dynamic charging speeds with a max. of 20W.

Revolutionary small size

The revolutionary small design of this charger is possible thanks to SuperSilicon technology.