Flex-working between home and office.

Flex-working was already upcoming, but now it's here to stay. Read how the Telco-products can help building an awesome home-office, product to connect easily to your work-office, or product to work on the go.

An additional (compact) charger.

One for at home and one for the office, an extra charger prevents many inconveniences. 
Connecting your device's charger when you arrive at the office, often in an overcrowded or inaccessible power strip, or you arrive at the office and you've forgotten the charger....
We all recognise the 'problems' of flex-working in the year 2021. 

Xtorm compact USB-C lader

Our Xtorm USB-C charger is very compact so you can easily carry it in your bag. 

1 charger, 4 USB ports: Multi port

Charge multiple devives with one charger: Our Xtorm USB-C chargers have more than one USB-C output; convenient for charging your tablet, phone or headphone in addition to your laptop. 

Fast Charging

Our Xtorm chargers are technologically one of the best, a useful feature: Quick charging, this is the connected devices as soon as possible ready for use.

Great peripheral

The new way of working asks for a new kind of peripheral. Great peripheral that work seamlessly and empower working on the go. The 'old' peripheral are simply not good enough anymore.

Sharper teams meetings

Our personal webcam will make your videocalls sharper and smoother. No more out of focus, over-exposed image anymore. Do not underestimate good image in a video call

Clear voice

A clear and sharp voice recording is mandatory in meetings; our omni directional desk mic provides the quality of a headset, but then in a desk mic that can level up to 4 people. 

Connectivity 2.0

Connectivity peripherals are a must: Our Linq and Xtorm Worx products makes sure you can connent with your home or work office with just one cable and still have all the different port you need like (multi-screen) HDMI, USB, ethernet, SD card readers etc. 


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