Telco Accessories B.V. is the holding company of Xtorm and Gecko Covers. Together, we provide freedom and identity in today's mobile culture. We manufacture mobile accessories for both today's users and those of the future. Our brands are market leaders in terms of innovation, design and concept. 


Building accessories brands

High quality, Dutch design, innovation and  concept

Xtorm - More energy

Xtorm is a leader in the field of (mobile) charging solutions such as power banks, solar chargers, cables and power home solutions. The products are unique for the high quality and design which have been awarded with prizes such as the RedDot Design Award and the High-Tech Award.


Gecko Covers

Gecko Covers develops protection covers and accessories for e-readers, tablets and MacBooks. Gecko Covers anticipates on the newest trends and innovations in the market and continues to expand the collection.