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We help you maximise the productivity of your mobile devices.

Our brands

Protection, connection and energy. Our leading brands ecko Covers, LINQ byElements and Njord byElements  continue to innovate in technology, concept and design.

Power Banks



Tablet Covers


eReader covers

Phone covers

USB-C Hubs

Solar Chargers



Telco Accessories B.V. is the holding company of Xtorm and Gecko Covers. We design and manufacture technologically advanced accessories for mobile devices. Built for intensive daily use, making them resistant to almost anything.

Business solutions

The best gear to empower your employees.

Get more efficient, more connected, more powered. Products to get more out of mobile devices.

Private label

Co-brand one of our retail products or let’s develop a product together.

With a lot of product design experience, we are a top partner to create your products

Branding & gifts

Personalize our products with your logo.‚Äč

Private label

Through our desire to innovate, we have built up an invaluable experience in branding, product design and packaging development. Would you like to co-brand one of our retail products or develop a whole new product? Talk to us and let's make things happen.

Loyalty programs

Our brands have the perfect line-up for a loyalty program. Premium power banks, tablet covers, solar chargers, USB-C hubs and other high-tech products for which people would want to save their loyalty points.

Business Tools

With our experience and product range, we can take your company to the next level. Sales optimization through marketing, POS materials and training will take it there.

Promotional gifts

Do you want to give your relations a gift that they will use every day? Our Xtorm and Gecko products are perfect promotional gifts. Easy to customize with your own logo or slogan. A practical gift creating extra visibility for your company.


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