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We are proud to announce two new brands:


We are proud to announce two new brands in addition to the current Telco-accessorries portfolio. 

Telco-acc brands are leading in their own respective field, setting the new standard in terms of specifications, innovation and design. Our new premium brands Njord byELEMENTS and LINQ byELEMENTS fit that profile more than perfect. 

Both brands were founded by Armand van Oord and Jakob Ludvigsen in 2019, Denmark.

Sharing the same Danish Design philosophy and drive for sustainability & social responsibility, the brands are inspired by functional elegance, minimalism and quality. Yet both brands have their own stunning identity, unique core values and compelling value propositions.  

Telco-accessories is a company with a mission to maximize peoples mobile experience by bringing the best accessories through leading brands in the categories (mobile)  Power, Protect and Connect.



Genuine Icelandic Salmon Leather accessories

Njord byELEMENTS, an exclusive collection of premium fashion accessories for Apple devices made with genuine Icelandic Salmon Leather.
Salmon leather not only looks great, but also provides unparalleled tactile feedback, enhancing the users emotional connection with the device.

The Mil. Std. drop cases for iPhone 12 series are available today, whereas other protective sleeves/covers for Apple accessories such as Airpods Pro cases will be available soon.


Premium connectivity

LINQ byELEMENTS, a premium connectivity brand, makes tech accessories simple and understandable by products with dedicated functionality. Connectivity made simple, seamless integrated technology, worry-free compatibility. 

The current USB-C multi-hubs are the top of their class with only the highest unified specifications between all products on every individual port , no compromises, which makes it easy to understand.  

Every product features 100W TypeC PD Charging support, 4K@60Hz HDMI2.0, and USB3.2 for the highest possible network and USB data speeds. More connectivity products later in 2021.

Redefined & simplified premium USB-C Hubs, without compromises!


#MoreEnergy for travelers

Quality travel accessories that give #MoreEnergy.

Xtorm focuses on power accessories, giving people #MoreEnergy. Products that empower people to be on the go without boundaries.


The Xtorm product-range includes various powerbanks (waterproof, USB-C laptop power, compact ones), AC power stations, cables, solar chargers, USB power hubs and wireless chargers. 

Xtorm Worx

Your workspace improved. 

With Xtorm Worx we develop products that create flexibility and turn any place into a powerful workspace. Office-IT accessories that add #MoreEnergy to your workspace, a range of practical laptop and tablet accessories and peripherals. 

The Xtorm Worx range includes USB-C multi-hubs, USB-C docking stations, laptop risers, a webcam and more products that will give your workspace #MoreEnergy to be added this year. 

Gecko Covers

Specialist in daily protection for mobile devices

With Gecko Covers we focus on the daily protection of mobile devices. Simple protection products that help people to carry, store and use their devices.

With Gecko Covers we focus on the daily protection of mobile devices. Simple protection products that help people to carry, store and use their devices.

Design. Innovation. Technique.

Bringing you the best accessories to maximize your mobile experience.