Channel Case Study: Travel Retail 

Xtorm travel retail

Taking the power-category to new destinations within travel retail.

As the category leader in power, Xtorm has significantly boosted the sales of power products at travel locations with a unique #MoreEnergy-retail concept. 

Since 2008, Xtorm has been at the forefront of developing the portable power category. We developed the segment to be a premium travel category that generates sales and traffic. Our range of power products is designed to meet the needs of travellers like business people, weekenders and outdoor adventurers, addresing their specific demands.

Xtorm has brought all of this together into a travel retail concept giving people #MoreEnergy on most relevant places: Airports, railway stations, ports etc. .

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Xtorm Madrid

How we achieved this:

Incorporating Xtorm into travel retail goes beyond simply showcasing products.

Xtorm narrates the #MoreEnergy story within a travel environment, igniting inspiration and underlining how portable power enhances every aspect of someone's journey. Whether it's a business trip, an outdoor adventure,  city tip,  holiday or commute.

Through strategically placed point-of-sale and in-store messaging, we transform the power category into an empowering story, culminating in the selection of the perfect power products for every type of journey.

Within our assortment we can built up the perfect power assortment for the passing traveller target group, not only differing in type, technique and colour, but also in price points and target groups. 

Travel themes

Within our assortment we created sub-product-groups based on different types of travels. Within these sub-categories we translate product features into specific benefits for that type of person. A business user can have a different need and value, even on a same feature. Together we can create assortments that sell themselves. 

Travel stil

Campaigning examples

Quickly on the go - with Xtorm fast charging


A sales campaign highlighting Xtorm Fast Charge products.

Charge an iPhone 15 for 50% in only 30 minutes with Xtorm, quickly back on the go."

High power Power Banks. Laptop charging.

Xtorm workonthego

Captivating our target audience by showcasing the power of charging laptops on-the-go with our cutting-edge power bank technology and compact multi-port fast chargers.

Work on the go - Charge your laptop anywhere."

Power your
with Xtorm


A sales campaign showcasing our resilient built quality and linking this to recognisable (tough) situations. 

Adventures without limits.
Stay charged with Xtorm, even in tough situations. "

Xtorm's Impactful Marketing Strategy


Marketing possibilities :

  • Security gate visuals
  • Posters 
  • Digital screens
  •  POS visuals
  • Gift table
  • Shopping basket
  • Digital advertisement

The powerful Xtorm brand shares an unparalleled #MoreEnergy narrative. With a wide range of power products, it serves as an ideal partner for promotional campaigns, gift tables, shopping baskets, and beyond.

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Assortment themes

 City tripping/ On the go 

Within our assortment, we offer power products perfectly suited for short trips like city getaways. These include handheld Power Banks with fast charging capabilities and A-class batteries for quick and thousands of recharges. Our durable cables are designed to withstand the rigors of travel, and we also offer compact AC Fast Chargers, ensuring you're always powered up and ready on the move in a swift.

Business trip

We have products that boost up every business traveller: Our most powerful Power Banks can easily charge laptops on the go, while our compact multiport fast charge USB adapters save precious time by quickly charging their devices. We also offer handy Foldable Chargers that fit neatly into any suitcase, providing a reliable backup charging solution and more.

 Outdoor adventures 

For adventure enthusiasts, our assortment includes waterproof Power Banks, Rugged Cables, and Solar Chargers. These products are built to keep you charged in every situation, no matter how challenging. They have been rigorously tested in extreme conditions, enduring polar expeditions with temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees, surviving survival training sessions, and accompanying mountain climbing expeditions. They've proven their resilience time and time again.

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Challenge us to lift up your power assortment, request a case study or get in touch with our travel specialist Ronald van de Baan. Fill in the form below and we will get in touch to see how Xtorm can give extra power to your travel store. 

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